24 hours. We knew someone would ask.

Porta Potties and running water will be available.

Dogs are fine, but must be on a leash 100% of the time.  This is a State Park Rule and one of the conditions of our permit.  Other pets are strongly discouraged.  Ask us about the cat story sometime.

Yes.  In fact anyone camping Sunday night into Monday, who would be willing to help us out with tear down Monday morning, we would love you for that!

Short answer: NO.  Longer answer, propane fire pits and small self contained wood burning pits are ok.  Do not leave them unattended.

We will have a large dumpster that you can place trash in.  DO NOT take advantage of this.  Two things specifically banned from the dumpster….furniture and hot coals.  Yeah, that happened.

No.  We have something way better planned. 

At dusk, Saturday night we will have a kids bike parade.  Kids will get a glow pack that they can decorate themselves and bikes with and then will be led around the campground and we will all cheer them on!  Open to kids 12 & under.

Yes.  The food trucks will have menu items for purchase, and there will be tickets available for purchase for the pancake breakfast and the post race meal. You can purchase those tickets through the registration website (which is preferred).  We will need to give a head count to our food people, so limited on-site sales until sold out.

Nope.  We won’t take your support person away from you.  If you have someone who wants to volunteer, we will gladly put them to work.  Send them to the volunteer table Friday night or Saturday morning.

Yes and no.  A standard headlamp is not enough, although carrying one for a backup would be a smart idea.  We would recommend a light with no less than 500 lumens.  The nicer the light, the brighter it will be, longer burn time, and faster charging.  Backup light is a must, as it’s expected to be a “new moon” which translates to NO Moon that weekend, so if your light dies on course, it’s gonna be dark. 

You will also be required to have a red flashing light on your backside, either body or bike.

Yes, we will have power available for charging.  It will be a central location, and first come, first served.  We will do our best to have as many outlets available as we can, but having your own plan to charge lights and phones would be good. DO NOT unplug someone else’s stuff to charge yours.  Not cool.  And if you have stuff charging, check on it and retrieve when charged to open up for fellow riders.

YES!!!!  Big thanks to Washington State Parks and Riverside State Park Foundation, who gathered the funds and made this happen.  The plan is to have two filling stations.

 The official answer, for all the obvious safety reasons, is NO.  But  we also won’t be the earbud police and throw a stick into your spokes for breaking the rule.   If you must break the rule (which we are not condoning) please be smart about it.  You need to be able to hear other riders around you and be aware of your surroundings at all times.  Because we like you and we want you to be safe.

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